Welcome to UDF,

Udyog Development Foundation is an autonomous and a National Charitable Trust was established in 2016, registered under Indian Trust Act 1882.

UDF works in diverse fields to achieve sustainable, harmonious and all round development of human society. To realize its dream, the foundation facilitates the social responsibility of the government and the corporate world at national and international level.

UDF endeavours to solve mankind’s most pressing problems of health, education, employment and environment. It also focuses on art, culture, technology, youth, women and weaker sections of society.

UDF organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, public awareness programmes and embarks on multifarious projects to fulfill its goal of a peaceful and prosperous human society.

UDF, NGO was established in 2010 was actively involved in disaster management activities all over India.

To transform the lives of millions by disseminating information and inviting cooperation for creating industrial employment opportunities with active participation of government and corporate world.

Mission: Our mission is to function as a vehicle for the people to enrich their human resources for social, economic, scientific, environmental and cultural development. We will also act as an instrument for the public and private sectors on policy issues, increasing efficiency, maximizing productivity and expanding business opportunities for the people including the youth, women and underprivileged.



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